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Abigail Hobbs
Portrayed byKacey Rohl



ResidenceMinnesota, USA

FamilyGarret Jacob Hobbs - Father
Louise Hobbs - Mother
First appearance"Apéritif"

Last Appearance"Mizumono"
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Abigail Hobbs was the daughter and accomplice of the serial killer Garret Jacob Hobbs.


Abigail is the daughter of serial killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Her psychiatrist is Dr. Alana Bloom. She is a skilled hunter and has a knack for manipulation, much like Hannibal.

She looks up to Hannibal like a father, partly because he helped save her life, but mostly because she was treated by Hannibal. Hannibal drugged her and her that she could think of Garret Hobbs without fear and pain.

When Nicholas Boyle cornered her in her home, she stabbed him with a knife, gutting him and killing him. In shock, she started to go up the stairs in her home. Hannibal was with Dr. Bloom when he saw the blood on her hands and reacted. He knocked Dr. Bloom out and gently laid her on the ground and instructed Abigail to show him what happened. He helped her hide the body and their relationship became more complex thereafter.

It was shown later in the series that Abigail was an accomplice to her father. She would go meet the girls, as seen in a flashback where Abigail and her father boarded a train, and Abigail chatted up one of her father's victims to seek out all of their information for her father. When she confessed this fact to Hannibal he embraced Abigail, holding her and rocking her gently. When she confesses to him that she thinks she is a monster he tells her: No. I know what monsters are. You are a victim.