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Miriam Lass
Portrayed byAnna Chlumsky


First appearance"Entrée"
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Miriam Lass is an FBI agent and protegé of Jack Crawford. She wrote a letter to Jack Crawford asking to work for him. She is very bright and has degrees in both psychology and criminology. She is taken in and trained by Jack Crawford and the FBI two years prior to the events of the show.

Season 1[]

Most of Miriam's story line appears through flashbacks as her time with the FBI was two years before the timeline of the show. Her disappearance was unsolved during the events of season 1. It is revealed that she was ambushed by Hannibal while doing an investigation for his connection to a recent murder of Jeremy Olmstead. She found images of the Wound Man book in Hannibal's office directly mimicking the way Jeremy was murdered and revealing him as the Chesapeake Ripper. Her arm was cut off and left for the FBI to find by Hannibal, thus teasing that the Chesapeake Ripper is still at large. It is hinted that she is dead, but her exact fate was unknown in Season 1.

Season 2[]

Analysis of tree bark found on a victim of the Chesapeake Ripper lead Jack Crawford to an isolated cabin. While investigating the cabin, Jack found two wells in the basement. One of which had a still alive and visibly shaken Miriam missing one arm. She is taken in and rehabilitated by the FBI. However, when participating in an eye witness lineup including Hannibal she does not identify him as the killer. Hannibal has brainwashed her into identifying Dr. Chilton as the killer. While Dr. Chilton is being questioned, she has a nervous breakdown from flashbacks and shoots Dr. Chilton in the cheek through the eyewitness room.