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"Mizumono" is the thirteenth and final episode of Season 2, and the twenty-fifth produced hour of Hannibal. It first aired on May 23rd, 2014.

Hannibal and Will are bonding, despite we already have a glimpse of Will's real intentions. Will talks to Freddie, and she asks him if he thinks he is going to survive Hannibal. Will says he doesn't know. He also tells her not to write about Abigail, to let her rest in peace.

Helping Lecter destroy his patient records, Graham brushes off Lecter's suggestion they escape without confessing, and, when they pass each other, Lecter recognizes Lounds' scent on him. Alana, accepting Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper, warns Graham of trapping Lecter, as he could be caught by Lecter instead. Sharing a final meal, Lecter questions Graham's loyalty and, when asked if he would take Crawford's forgiveness, Graham notes it isn't an option as Crawford wants justice. Crawford is then confronted by Prurnell, and forced to take a work absence; as he allowed Graham to mutilate Tier, has a terminally ill wife, and is plotting to entrap Lecter, she finds him unfit to work. Jack Crawford and Will are trying to catch Hannibal when he least expects them to. They talk to Hannibal's psychiatrist Bedelia, who was found by the FBI, who tells them that "if they think they are about to catch Hannibal, it's because he wants them to think that". Later on, Will convinces Hannibal to kill Jack, which results in Prurnell wanting to arrest Will and Jack due to inciting murder. Prurnell tells Alana about this arrest order, and Alana tells Will. Jack goes to Hannibal's house which results in an epic fight. Jack gets stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass and goes into a closet.. Then Alana Bloom comes into the picture. Hannibal tells her not to be brave, that if she goes Hannibal won't kill her. She shoots Hannibal, only to see Hannibal took her bullets. She runs into Hannibal's room, and takes a new cartige. She says; "I found more bullets". While she is aiming at the door, Abigail Hobbs comes out of the blue. She says; "i'm so sorry" and pushes Alana out of the window. Will comes and sees Alana on the floor. He covers her with his jacket and Alana says; "Jack is still inside, go". Will goes, and sees Abigail. Hannibal appears behind him, and Will says; "You were supposed to go". Hannibal stabs Will fatally in the abdomen. He then says that he had created a perfect world for him, were him, Abigail and himself could ran off. He then kills Abigail, in an attempt to tell Will he killed that world. We are cut off to a desperate, dying, Will trying to save Abigail.

We see a last scene. Hannibal and Bedelia are in a plane, drinking champagne.