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Season 1


AiredApril 3, 2013 - June 27, 2013



SloganThe Mind Games Begin.
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Season 1 of Hannibal is the first season of the series.




Main Plot Points[]

  • Will Graham's involvement with the BAU investigations, and his developing Encephalitis which renders him mentally unstable. Side effects of the Encephalitis include memory loss, lost time, fever, and hallucinations.
    • Will's obsessive and haunted mental behavior following his first killing of Garret Jacob Hobbs.
  • Hannibal Lecter's murders under the aliases of the Chesapeake Ripper and the Copycat Killer, along with his cannibalistic behavior and cooking. Along with progressively framing Will for the murders, Hannibal continues his therapy sessions with his colleague, Bedelia Du Maurier.
  • Jack Crawford's initiation of Will Graham into the BAU, his crumbling relationship with his cancer-stricken wife Bella, and his guilt over the murder of his protégée, Miriam Lass
  • Abigail Hobbs' involvement with her father's murders as the Minnesota Shrike, her mental and physical recovery from her attempted murder, and her relationships with Will and Hannibal.
  • Freddie Lounds' investigative work and coverage of the BAU's activities, as well as the coverage of Abel Gideon's incarceration and following escape.
  • The discovery of Georgia Madchen, a woman suffering from Cotard's Syndrome, who believes herself to be dead.


Screenshot # Title Original airdate Writer(s) Director
1x01 Aperitif.jpg 1 "Apéritif" April 4, 2013 Bryan Fuller David Slade
Jack Crawford recruits Will Graham to consult on a case of disappearing college girls. Jack also seeks the help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist, one of the most successful serial killers of all time - and a cannibal. After a copycat strikes, Will and Hannibal join forces to track down the culprit.
1x02 Amuse-Bouche.jpg 2 "Amuse-Bouche" April 11, 2013 Jim Danger Gray Michael Rymer
Will helps Jack and the BAU unit search for a murderer who buries his victims alive to grow mushrooms. Hannibal begins to gain Will's trust as they bond over responsibility for Abigail Hobbs. Meanwhile, Freddie Lounds snoops around the BAU's investigation.
1x03 Potage.jpg 3 "Potage" April 18, 2013 S: David Fury
T: David Fury and Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller
David Slade
Jack theorizes that Abigail may have aided her father in his serial killings, and escorts her back to Minnesota, where she discovers much violent hostility against her and her family. Things go from bad to worse when a copycat killer murders a friend of Abigail.
1x04 Ouef.jpg 4 "Oeuf" Unaired in the U.S. Jennifer Schuur Peter Medak
Will investigates a string of family murders which were conducted by each of the families' missing children. Hannibal checks Abigail out of the hospital for some frightening psychiatric practices.
1x05 Coquilles.jpg 5 "Coquilles" April 25, 2013 S: Scott Nimerfro
T: Scott Nimerfro and Bryan Fuller
Guillermo Navarro
Will and the BAU track a serial killer who is cutting the victims' back flesh and stretching it to look like angel wings. Meanwhile, Jack's wife Bella pulls away from him and begins seeing Hannibal as her therapist. Beverly tries to connect with Will on a more personal level.
1x06 Entree.jpg 6 "Entrée" May 2, 2013 S: Kai Yu Wu
T: Kai Yu Wu and Bryan Fuller
Guillermo Navarro
Jack and Alana are contacted by Dr. Chilton, who believes he has The Chesapeake Ripper in custody. Jack copes with the loss of his former protégé and the prospect of losing his wife by opening-up to Hannibal who is a monster.
1x07 Sorbet.jpg 7 "Sorbet" May 9, 2013 Jesse Alexander & Bryan Fuller Michael Rymer
The BAU investigates a murder involving organ removal, and Jack believes that the Chesapeake Ripper may have resurfaced. Meanwhile, Will suffers from nightmares, and Hannibal begins to visit his own therapist.
1x08 Fromage.jpg 8 "Fromage" May 16, 2013 Jennifer Schuur and Bryan Fuller Tim Hunter
The BAU investigates a murder where the victim's vocal cords were exposed to be played like a cello. Meanwhile, Hannibal discovers that the killer murdered the victim as an attempt to gain Hannibal's attention. Will is driven to distraction by strange noises in his head and turns to Alana, in a romantic way.
1x09 Trou Normand.jpg 9 "Trou Normand" May 23, 2013 Steve Lightfoot Guillermo Navarro
The BAU team hunts a serial killer who digs up his victims, creating a totem pole of their bodies as a macabre trophy. Jack and Alana question Abigail about Nick Boyle's death, and Abigail agrees to write a book with Freddy Lounds.
1x10 Buffet Froid.jpg 10 "Buffet Froid" May 30, 2013 Andy Black & Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller John Dahl
For the first time, Will contaminates a crime scene thinking he committed the first murder and undergoes an MRI. The team doubts Will who says, while revisiting the crime scene alone, he saw a “dead-looking” woman who may be involved.
1x11 Roti.jpg 11 "Rôti" June 6, 2013 Steve Lightfoot and Bryan Fuller & Scott Nimerfro Guillermo Navarro
When Dr. Gideon escapes from police custody, he seeks to kill psychiatrists who have profiled him. Will and the BAU team try to track him down by following Freddie Lounds' blog before Gideon can get to Alana.
1x12 Releves.jpg 12 "Relevés" June 13, 2013 Chris Brancato and Bryan Fuller Michael Rymer
The BAU team links Abigail to the Minnesota Shrike victims and plan to arrest her. Will's hallucinations intensify, and Hannibal's subtle manipulation convinces Jack that Will is capable of murder.
1x13 Savoureux.jpg 13 "Savoureux" June 20, 2013 Steve Lightfoot and Bryan Fuller & Scott Nimerfro David Slade
Will returns from Minnesota without Abigail, and Jack and the BAU team find strong evidence that points to all the murders of the Copy Cat Killer. Will takes Hannibal back to Minnesota to clear his name and to prove Hannibal's guilt.


  • Each episode title is a term related to the French cuisine.
  • The fourth episode, "Oeuf", was taken off the air in the United States and Canada following creator Bryan Fuller's evaluation that the episode was too violent for American audiences, following the tragic Sandy Hook shootings.
  • Recurring guest stars Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams appear in more episodes (12) than starring cast members Hettienne Park (11) and Caroline Dhavernas (10).
  • "Apéritif" was the only episode not to feature the opening sequence, but rather featuring the title of the show and its starring cast members as on-screen titles.